2020: A year to forget?

Rick D'Orazio Messages

  • How is your year going? Are you doing OK considering all that has happened? What’s next? Where’s God?
  • God is reintroducing Himself to us… to the Church, to the World… a great RESET… so see Him again
  • As a church:
    • We began this year with a WORD for the year: THE YEAR OF CLARITY
    • Deep conviction that clarity is still indeed what is going on for us as a church and what you are experiencing right now
  • Clarity as an incremental opening up of the eyes, where you’re seeing blurry and then you see a little more and then you see a little more (and during the process of seeing a little more you are being crushed and broken… why… because God brings us through some stuff so we can see some stuff)
  • In order to see more clearly, we need alignment. Our responses are being tested; our love for others is being tested, our tolerance, our threshold for forgiveness.
    • Clarity takes time and depth of resolve
    • 1 Corinthians 2:12-13