Freedom Business Group

What is the Freedom Business Group (FBG)?

The FBG is not simply a professional networking group, a business Bible study, or guest speaker forum. It is a confidential and intimate environment where like-minded peers share ideas, discover and plan for areas in their business that need improvement, hold each other accountable, and encourage one another to conduct business in a Kingdom-honoring way.

Who is the Freedom Business Group designed for?

The FBG is a place for Christian business owners and entrepreneurs leading ventures that range from part-time startups to established enterprises with dozens or hundreds of staff.

Who is leading this Group?

A team of 4 leaders are providing the guidance and direction for the group:

Daphne Siddique with Gold Dollar Exchange.
Coach Aniekan with Living an Effective Lifestyle
Rick D’Orazio with Freedom Centre
Brett Johnson with Ascend Franchise

Learn more about these leaders.

When does the group meet?

We meet on alternating Tuesday mornings from 8-9am at Freedom Centre located at 4343 Regional Road 25, Oakville, Ontario

What is a Module?

A Module is a set of sessions that runs for 3-4 months and covers a common theme. We ask for a fresh commitment at the beginning of each Module.

When is the next Module?

Module #2 involves 5 sessions that starts on Tuesday, April 17, 2018. The other 4 session dates are May 1, May 15, May 29 and June 12.

What is the focus for Module #2?

We believe God desires to use the marketplace to work on the heart of the “person in business” as well as the capability of the “business person”. This Module is built around the theme of “The Heart & Art of Business Leadership”. We will address areas of the heart such as:

Self Awareness
Personal Conviction
Values & Priorities
Your Private World
Operating with Integrity


What are the expectations of the group members?

We ask that registrants commit to attend the majority of the Module sessions. You will also be asked to review and sign the FBG Protocol Agreement 

How do I register?

Registration is open until Tuesday, April 10, 2018. There is no cost to participate in Module #2.

FBG Module #2 Registration

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