Emerging Entrepreneurs

Emerging Entrepreneurs

4343 Regional Road 25, Oakville, ON

time 7:30 pm

Every Tuesday from

April 4, 2017


June 27, 2017

Small Group For Budding Entrepreneurs

Tim Mischuk will be running a small training group on Tuesday evenings for 1.5 hour at the church. This is a concept for anyone but especially for those between the ages of 18-25 who are emerging in their careers. You will receive training in kingdom living and application as entrepreneurs. In addition, you will also receive practical  HTML and CSS training. The small group will last for 3 months (next date will be set soon!)


  • community and relationships
  • Practical skills development in digital
  • Accreditation if desired through W3 Schools
  • PC or MAC laptop required
  • Setting up personal web development environmental 
  • Kingdom training as it relates to business 
  • Practical help from 30 years
  • Helps on how to use Social Media and Influencers to build business


  • Maximum class size is 10
  • No costs but Minimum attendance 10 out of 12 classes

See Tim Mischuk for more information
Email:   tmischuk@gmail.com