Dominion Pt.16 – Passing Life’s Tests – Part 3

One thought on “Dominion Pt.16 – Passing Life’s Tests – Part 3

  1. Sean Semper-Whyte says:

    Hi Pastor Rick, I pray God continues to bless you and your life!

    I wanted to simply thank you for this message series, and for having your ministry messages online, as a way and means for follow up when we miss coming to church. This message has really been helpful to me, and my understanding my current test.

    I am a runner, and I often use Matthew 10:14 (Shaking the dust of disunity/disagreement (Not getting my way) off my feet, as my justification for my running. What I am hearing is Gods wisdom will speak for us so we do not need to run, and His wisdom has made away if we stand. (Its easy to believe if we dont get what we want right away that God is not in something, so we should leave)

    This message came right on time, as I was planning to leave a good job, with some uphill challenges.

    When we bear down and comitt to the process, which is often difficult, we can take root in our circumstances, which will allow for our growth if we do not grow weary in the process.

    Thank you for conveying the word with simplicity, and truth. I am grateful!


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