Dominion Pt. 20 – Dominion Through “Ownership” – Part 1

One thought on “Dominion Pt. 20 – Dominion Through “Ownership” – Part 1

  1. tim says:

    Wow!!! Wow. I make a poweful stance, with His help, to make this truth known to others. To experience it first for myself in the biggest way He wants for me…and to help others do so as well. Got no words…holy hush has overtaken me.

    p.s. wrote down verbatum that Carpenter’s story. Modern day parables are the best!! Ray Comfort has many that he’s come up with…or passed along to others in his ministry…I personally think for some folks that they ABSOLUTELY need to be arrested by apt parables about their own lives. It’s a means to helping them be confronted by their Maker…and taking some kind of stance or ownership on what’s being presented to them. We are moral agents with the “response” ability to make a stance.

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