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iPOW - In Pursuit Of Wellness
In Pursuit Of Wellness

Colleen Pelckmann

Colleen has pursued ongoing education and gained experience in fitness and nutrition since 2008. Her goal is to practically apply her training in an effective and positive way to inspire, encourage, motivate and lead as many as possible to understand and embrace the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Co-Ed Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes are designed to challenge any age and stage of fitness! Believe it! Whether you've not been active for a long time or you're an avid exerciser....the options offered will be sure to challenge you! Classes focus on providing you an entire body workout!

In Pursuit of Wellness

iPOW (In Pursuit of Wellness) Group is offered once a year (meeting every second week for 4 months). It will interest men and women who are concerned about their own health and well-being, as well as for their families and friends.