Leadership School

Our goal for the Freedom Leadership School is “to equip and release healed and healthy influencers to the church and marketplace.” There are 3 modules which include 3 teachings each.

The scripture in Romans 12:2a encourages us to ‘be transformed’. There is no transformation without loving confrontation of the issues that bind up our hearts and have left us in frustration and confusion.

The Healing Module will address many issues in our life such as the Father Heart of God and the Orphan Spirit. As we respond we will see the Father’s heart reaching out to us and healing many of the hurts yet to be brought to the surface of our lives.

The Integrity/Character module will address motive issues and equip us to be credible leaders both in the church and in the marketplace. Culture of Honour and Boundaries modules address the need for revival to be expressed as culture and lifestyle and will feed our desire to have healthy relationships both inside the church and beyond.

Our Identity Module will address our perceptions of God and ourselves and will focus on the need for us to approach God, ourselves, and others through the New Covenant lens of grace and the Lordship of Christ.