ManPower (insert grunting here)

Freedom Centre’s mens group is called “ManPower”… it was birthed to tackle an epidemic… that epidemic is isolation! In the midst of the most connected and wired moments of existence we have filled our lives with everything except connection and me time. Time and money going on pursuing the western dream, and yet we fill our cars up with gas but never think to fill our spirits up with God and connection!

If men rose up and embraced who they where individually, and took a moment to connect with God, connect with their emotions, and connect with other men, then and only then will our homes thrive with passion and presence. Our families will look different. Because we will have the audacity to die to ourselves, and lift up another. In this we become strong leaders, that anyone would follow.

Our leadership team was prayerfully selected to provide the launching pad for the success of ManPower within our sphere of influence. Our goal is to create a culture of men who can freely be manly and flourish in every area of their lives.

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