Freedom Centre is now the GTA location for Loads of Love donated goods. We have a shipping container being filled with like-new clothing, furniture and toiletries to be sent to Ukraine for orphans and refugees. Drop-offs by appointment ONLY. Please contact Kalina D'Orazio to arrange an appointment.

Since 2001, Freedom Centre International has been sending short-term missions teams to Ukraine. Our teams have been involved in strengthening churches, ministering in conferences, and serving orphans in various types of facilities around the nation.

In Ukraine, orphans have a difficult life, especially as they age out of the orphanages at age 16. They are left to make their own way in the world, with very little preparation or skills to do so. Many of them end up in prostitution or crime, or the cycle is repeated as they have their own babies they surrender to the orphanage they themselves grew up in. Many of them are born with disabilities and their parents surrender them not wanting the burden of caring for them. A large number of orphans are “social orphans”, their parents being addicted to drugs or alcohol, and cannot care properly for them, giving them up or having their parental rights terminated by the state for lack of care.

Our travels have found us funding repairs to facilities, doing skits and games in orphanages directed at telling the kids how much God loves them and how important they are, to supporting a transition home for young women who have aged out of the orphanages but need some help and encouragement to begin a stable life, to supporting an orphanage for disabled children that once was so bad it was dubbed “The Place that God Forgot”. Now, it is the place that God “remembered” and the children have no doubt who loves them the most! Happiness lives there and His name is Jesus!

Freedom Centre has teamed up with Ed Dickson from Loads of Love and we are now working with this amazing organization that provides so much to so many who have so little. From surgery for children who desperately need it, to brightening the lives of kids who would grow up thinking nobody cares, to renovating hospitals and facilities, to sponsorships for seniors living on the smallest pensions, to government projects to raise awareness and help for disabled people, and now helping the many displaced refugees from the war, the possibilities are endless for our ministry to this beautiful nation and people.

We recently had the privilege of meeting a young man with profound disabilities who grew up in one of our orphanages. Through teams coming in and telling him how much God loves him, he found the One who loves him most and has obtained his Masters in Business, has a great job, and fought bureaucracy to get the apartment due him, and now wants to start a foundation to help other orphans get to where he has gotten. This remarkable young man told us “Never stop doing what you do. It’s because of people like you that I am where I am today. I met Jesus because of people visiting me and telling me how much He loves me!”