Youth Ministry

Ages 13-19
We seek to bring a culture of hope, love and life as we welcome God’s presence and seek His goodness for the youth of FCI. God is so in love with the next generation and we are so honoured to be a part of raising them up to be empowered people who know who they are in Christ. 
Our Youth are AMAZING! Also, our Youth Leaders are AMAZING too! We meet every Friday night at 7:30pm in the sanctuary of FCI. We laugh, love, cry, hangout and have a ton of fun together. We do teaching nights, small group nights and fun nights. ‘Fun’ nights are where we go out and do something exciting (blue jays games, movie nights, games nights, bbq’s, etc). ‘Teaching’ and ‘Small Group’ nights consist of hangout, a game, worship and a teaching (or small group instead of the teaching). We have loads of fun together and we would love to invite you to come out! 🙂

Hanging by the fire

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