FC Kids & Youth


We love family!

We believe that children are so important to the body of Christ and deserve age-appropriate classes and events, just like the rest of us! We love raising a generation to know His heart and to be powerful carriers of His presence.

We run engaging, biblically-based classes every Sunday morning where our kids develop relationships with each other and grow in their identities.

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Our Classes

6mos - 2yr
You can drop-off your little one or stay the whole time. We offer books, a change table and a mixture of structured & unstructured play.
Ages 3 - 5
The Mini class is full of stories, games, snacks and friends to be made!
Gr 1 - 4
This class loves their group games, interactive teaching and free play time!
Gr 5 - 7
This group focuses on building relationships and challenging our minds and hearts with the words of Jesus!

Our Values

Safe environments let our families thrive. We value being a safe place for everyone. This is why we structure all of our programs to incorporate Plan to Protect safety guidelines for the highest possible level of safety. This informs our staff, volunteers, curriculum, class sizes, and more!
Make it personal
Our highest calling is to love God and we believe there’s no greater source of true fulfillment. This is why we prioritise developing personal relationships with God and fun, age-appropriate discipleship. This is how we see lives impacted, communities restored and the Kingdom of God expanding on Earth every day!
Kids, at every age, need relationships. We believe that healthy friendships and community are some of the fundamental aspects of living a fulfilling life. We love to see our kids learn to communicate and foster powerful relationships that will last them a lifetime.
F U N !
At Freedom Kids we live life to the fullest. We teach our kids that the Holy Spirit is living, breathing and laughing and loves to fill our lives with joy - especially at church!



FC Youth

We seek to bring a culture of hope, love and life as we welcome God’s presence and seek His goodness for the youth of Freedom Centre. God is so in love with the next generation and we are so honoured to be a part of raising them up to be empowered people who know who they are in Christ.

Our Youth are AMAZING! We laugh, love, cry, hangout and have a ton of fun together. We do teaching nights, small group nights and fun nights. ‘Fun’ nights are where we go out and do something exciting (blue jays games, movie nights, games nights, bbq’s, etc). ‘Teaching’ and ‘Small Group’ nights consist of hangout, a game, worship and a teaching (or small group instead of the teaching). We have loads of fun together and we would love to invite you to come out!

Hey, I'm Rosie
I love your kids! I'm passionate about children's ministry and love watching them grow in faith and love. I'm always here to support our parents to make sure that your children have a wonderful in environment to learn and grow into who God has destined them to be.

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