Sunday Morning In-Person

Matthew Gray Events, Recurring

Sunday Services held at FCI

The services are limited to the number of chairs that we can fit in the sanctuary, with 6 ft between each family/household.  For now, that limits us to 50 chairs.  Since seating capacity is quite limited, you will need to register in advanceWhen you know which service time you would like to attend, click the REGISTER HERE button above.

Registrations will be handled in the order they are received.  Registration is for one week only.  Registration will open every Monday for that upcoming Sunday. 

What You Need To Know!

We know this is a very difficult time and process for churches everywhere. Please continue to be kind and compassionate.  The people around us are counting on it. God is in control and He will guide us through these times.  We love you all!

Freedom Centre Has Re-Opened!

Dear Freedom Family:  God is still in charge and He will continue to guide us all through these wild and somewhat difficult times. We look forward to welcoming you all back!

We have carefully reviewed all of the COVID-19 health protocols and we have incorporated them into our re-opening strategy.

We will be offering multiple services to accommodate more people on a Sunday. We will ensure physical distancing is maintained, and the facilities will be cleaned and sanitized between services. All chairs in the sanctuary, the foyer washrooms, and all doors/points of contact will be sanitized before and after each service.

Service #1 from 9:00 am-10:00 am
(time for cleaning) 
Service #2 from 11:00 am-12:00 pm    and Live Streaming  

This will be the service times we will start with and may change in the future. Please be sure to arrive a few minutes early so that everyone can be seated in a manner that follows social distancing.

The concrete sidewalk will have marks identifying 6 ft. distances into the church. There will be someone outside to greet you who will have a spray bottle filled with disinfectant spray gel. Each person will have their hands sprayed prior to entering into the church. The doors will be opened so you won’t need to touch the door handles.  Yup, these are indeed crazy times!

Due to Health Regulations, there will be no food or beverages permitted inside the building.

All staff and volunteers will be wearing masks. Please bring your mask as Halton has passed a city by-law requiring that masks be worn in all public indoor spaces.

We are required to have only one entry point and one exit point. There will be a large signs on the Foyer Doors showing “ENTER ONLY” and “EXIT ONLY”. Please honour the one-way traffic flow.

The floor will be marked in distances of 6 ft. with floor decals..

Greet others with a wave instead of a handshake or a hug.

Please note: there is no access to the Office-side of the building (kitchen, fireside room, kids room etc.)

Chairs in the sanctuary have been placed purposefully, to accommodate social distancing. The rows have been set up, 6 ft. away from the row in front. Ushers will be in the sanctuary to assist with seating people.

The service will be one hour. Halton Health Protocols dictate that we are to avoid congregational singing, so we will begin with some pre-recorded video from our worship team, followed by announcements and the sermon.  Let's pray for a Holy Spirit breakout!

In accordance with government protocols, we will not be passing around the offering baskets. Here are the various ways you can give:

  • On your SmartPhone:
    • Use the FCI Church App:  Tap GIVE and follow the prompts
    • Give via Text: Text FCI to 77977

  • On your Tablet or Computer:
    • Donate here on our website by clicking the GIVE button at the top right

  • By Cheque:
    • Cheques made payable to Freedom Centre can be dropped in the DONATION DROP BOX at the back of the sanctuary or mailed to: 4343 Regional Rd #25, Oakville, ON L6M 4E9

People will remain in their seats (there will be no altar ministry at this time). The congregation will be asked if anyone needs prayer and they will raise their hands. The ministry team also remains in their seat and will pray for anyone with a raised hand.

Kids Ministry will continue online for now.

The nursery and both kids classrooms are closed.

We aren’t able to provide any kids activities at this time during the Sunday Service.

Although Freedom Centre culture is to encourage kids to have freedom during the service, at this time, children must remain seated with their parents during the entire service.

No food or drinks are permitted in the building.

Please refer to Health Protocol posters displayed throughout the building. If you have a question or concern, please text one of our Health Response Team:

• Kalina D’Orazio
• Colleen Pelckmann
• Sue Chilvers

We will have an attendant outside the door of the women’s and the men’s washrooms.
Only 2 people are permitted inside the washrooms at a time.

Everyone will be asked to leave promptly when the service is finished. No lingering. People can chat outside as long as they maintain social distancing and are away from the main entrance.

Floor decals will indicate the exit pathway. There is hand sanitizer on the table in the foyer as you exit.

There will be garbage containers when exiting to dispose of used PPE (sanitizing wipes, gloves, masks etc.)

Individuals not from the same household are reminded to maintain physical distancing at all times while inside the building, and when returning to their vehicles.